Koneksie is a social enterprise that focuses on commercial solutions for social problems in emerging countries. Our mission is to bring safe and reliable mobility to various target groups, from the base of the pyramid to the growing middle class in Africa.

Our first mobility solution is called Kibo. Kibo is a motorcycle company in Kenya that produces motorcycles built for Africa. It also offers rider training, warranty and high quality customer service. Kibo targets customers ranging from small organisations to fleet owners.

Next to working on Kibo, we are developing another mobility solution. Koneksie will soon introduce a new start-up, completely dedicated to revolutionize the motorcycle taxi industry in Kenya.

Boda boda

Meet boda boda operator Boniface


Kibo is a brand that focuses on improving road safety.  



Are you curious about the new setup for Kibo and what it offers in Kenya in addition to the K150?

Check out the new Kibo website, learn more about the K150 and see its cool, eye catching, minimalist design. Discover what all the fuss is about!


After covering several roles at Doctors Without Borders, working as a policy maker for the Dutch Government and managing the Netherlands-African Business Council, Bob van der Bijl landed at Kibo Africa. The African continent enchanted Bob in the early 1990s, when he traveled four months around Southern Africa. Over the years, he kept exploring the beauty of Africa by traveling in more than forty countries. 


Koneksie kicks off the New Year with a fresh strategy for Kibo and a big change.

We discovered that by separating the motorcycle taxi service from motorcycle production and sales, we come one step closer to achieving Koneksie’s mission: providing safe and reliable mobility for all. The great news is that this process led to the birth of a new start-up, which will be announced soon!