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Today's companies can and should play a role in solving problems in our societies. Not by giving money, but rather by providing the right set of tools. Koneksie believes that giving people the right set of tools to create their own solutions is the only method that brings about structural change.

At Koneksie we design tools in collaboration with those who will use them. In essence, we use the feedback of our future customers during our design process, translating their needs into tailor-made solutions. Our customers are the core of our strategy, involving them in the development of new products and services is the best way to succeed in our mission.  


While traveling in Africa, Huib van de Grijspaarde realized that in many African countries, motorcycles are used as taxis and for transportation of people and goods. As a development economist and motorcycle enthusiast, the macro and micro economic impact of this pan-African phenomenon fascinated him. Huib came up with the idea to improve the African motorcycle transportation industry and started working on commercially viable and customer friendly mobility solutions.

In 2012 Huib met Peter Veldhoven, at that moment owner of a design agency. Huib explained his vision of generating social change and improving mobility in Kenya, and Peter’s design philosophy helped to translate this vision into commercial solutions. 


At Koneksie, we all have our own specific roles, but we share one common purpose: developing solutions that create social change. Because we are a small organization with an open office, everyone is aware of everything that goes on. We combine our individual areas of expertise during regular brainstorming sessions, in which we present and develop new ideas. To see whether they are feasible or not, we test them in the field by engaging our future customers. When necessary, we bring in outside expertise.


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